NEW - GROUP LESSONS Keandra would like to introduce two new virtual group lessons, Games for your Brain, and Basic Music & Sight-reading.


AGES: 8-18 (3-10 kids per class)

VIA: Zoom

START DATE: Friday, May 8 @ 4:30 pm

RUN TIME: 4:30-5:10pm


This class is a weekly, pay-as-you go class, that offers games and activities geared toward socializing with each other. In this time of quarantine it’s tough for kids to interact with one another without having an assignment due or pressure to study. In this class we will learn new ways to play games and create moments where the distraction of the interaction we are having, over rides their hesitancy to get involved.  As it is pay-as-you-go, each class of 3-10 kids will pay $9 per class. If there are more than 10 kids interested I will create another group class time so that each child participating has the opportunity to have input and grow as a critical thinker, an absolute necessity to the art of improv and acting.

I will be present in the room to moderate and present the games, and make sure each child has an opportunity.


AGES: 11+ 

VIA: Zoom

START DATE: Tuesday, May 5 @ 6 PM

RUN TIME: 6-6:40pm - Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 weeks (ends Thursday, May 28)

COST PER STUDENT FOR 4 WEEKS: $68.00 ($8.50 per class!)

This class is based in the foundational need for theatre kids to learn the basics of music theory and how to read music. Over the past few months I have been curating interactive and fun music activities that begin with the most basic concepts and builds new skills upon the previously learned material. This class is intended for those who are trying to learn these skills in the first place, a refresher on the basics that you may already know, and those who wish to gain practice in material needed for acceptance into some universities. All materials will be provided to the students virtually, and this class may include some extra home work that is not required, but strongly recommended.

Over a total of 8 classes, each student, of any age, can work through the home workbooks provided at their own pace, and can reinforce the skills from the workbook in class, as well as receive feedback on the workbook material.

The instruction I am offering is more geared toward students who want to supplement their academics with a music class, as opposed to a more lax class, as is GAMES FOR YOUR BRAIN. 

If you are interested in GAMES FOR YOUR BRAIN please fill out this form.

If you are interested in BASIC MUSIC & SIGHT-READING please fill out this form.